Graphics To Do List

The following is a list of graphics needed for PopSciColl. If you'd like to make a graphic, please contact us.

It's by no means a complete list of things that need improving - if you spot something you could do better, just get in touch.

One general problem is the lack of proper attribution and copyright notices for the graphics. Again, any help is appreciated.

picture to do status
Africa-America Redo matching of coastline of Africa and South America on Plate Tectonics: The Fit of the Continents because of unknown copyright of current image. Perhaps the [Bullard et al., 1965] picture in the "Further details" section is useable? Also include matching rock formations in each continent? urgent
Ocean-spreading Divergent boundary picture/animation, including magnetic striping, to be used for Plate Tectonics and Ocean Spreading. The video from Earth Story 5:43 for about twenty seconds is perfect - if we were to cut out this clip would it legally count as "fair use"? urgent
Universe expansion Expansion of universe pictures in Big Bang is a bit minimalist and the colours are lurid. highly desirable
cladogram The caldogram in The Evolution of Whales is low quality and doesn't really show off the morphological changes very well. The picture used in Natural Selection is better, but doesn't incorporate the cladogram. highly desirable