Current system

Each slideshow is processed from a single text file by a python script called The text files are labelled by the extension ".mar", for example whale-evolution.mar for the Evolution of Whales slideshow.

The python script uses Markdown to convert easy-to-read text to HTML and the Python Image Library to handle images.

The HTML template for the Python script is temp.html and the CSS file is theme.css.

jQuery is used for some dynamic hide/reveals.

Technical to do list

The following is a list of technical tasks needed for PopSciColl. If you'd like to help, please contact us. Most of the list involves putting a proper Content Management System behind the site.

  • When users hit the "Improve" button at the bottom of each page, they should have the option to directly edit the slideshow, like on Wikipedia. There would still need to be an editorial review of their edits.
  • A versioning system is needed.
  • A peer-review system is needed, so scientists can validate and correct the slideshows. This validation must be attached to a particular version so reviewers are not responsible for later erroneous edits.
  • The syntax for including images has several problems, including opaque commands and the fact that it all has to be on the same line for the JavaScript to work.